Identica Dental Scanner

Medit - 3D Dental Identica Scanner
The Identica scanner by Medit is a high end 3D scanner developed exclusively for dental CAD/CAM applications. Its high end performance was made possible by the outstanding 3D measurement technology, on the basis of ten years of experience in high-precision 3D scanning industrial sectors. The Identica scanner gives laboratories the ability to maximize production and cost efficiency.


  • 3D White light scanner
    White light 3D scanning technology allows users to obtain much clearer data than the conventional laser type scanners. White light scanning realizes clearer, noise free 3D data.
  • Twin-camera Technology
    As a premium 3D dental scanner, Identica boasts a function for obtaining a single set of data with two high resolution cameras. This precise data is highly superior when compared to other dental scanners which use only a single camera for scanning.
  • Deep 3D scanning area
    With a narrow angle between its two cameras, the Identica scanner secures the line of sight for complicated models.
  • Sharp margin line
    Utilizing the twin-camera technology, the scanner is designed for optimal measurements of margin lines. With optimum arrangement of the rotary stage and 3D scanning module, the scanner secures a far sharper margin line than other systems.
  • Fast scanning speed
    The scanner is designed to take a 3D scan task for a single tooth model in only 1 to 2 minutes, and in 3 to 4 minutes for bridges.
  • Open system
    Producing an STL file as the basic output format, the Identica scanner is an open-architectural system.
  • Broad applications
    Identica is ideal for 3D measurements of single tooth restorations and full arches, no matter the model shape.
Specification Description
3D Scanning Area(W X H X D)/Point Spacing 80 X 60 X 60/0.065mm
80 X 45 X 40/0.050mm
3D Scanning Principle Phase Shifting Optical Triangulation.
Rotary Stage 2-axis standard option.
Size (W X H X D) 212mm X 370mm X 449mm
Weight 12.5kg
Light Source LED
Interface USB 2.0
Power AC 85~265V / 47 ~ 63Hz
Output Data Format STL
O/S Windows XP 32bit, Windows 7 32bit or 64bit